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Why choose WinOLS?

Fit for your business requirements

A 3D preview window makes it easy to view maps and provides an inimitable blending experience. Easy to use, for example, for new employees who need to be introduced to the subject matter

Always up to date

Under Windows XP-Win7-32 current hardware (such as BDM100, BSL100 and OLS300) and old hardware (such as simulator module OLS200 and Eprom programmer MP2440 (P)) are supported. OLS200 and MP2440P can no longer be used under Win7-64

Automatic search

Automatic search for ECU and software numbers. This also simplifies handling. Practical if you don't have enough time or you have several projects running at the same time.

checksum correction

The concept of integrated checksum correction was continued. By using DLL files, the algorithms were moved out of the main program and are therefore version independent.

Developed for Chip-Tuner

The raw data is displayed either in 2D graphics or as hex / decimal dump. Automatic processor recognition to distinguish between program and data area.

Simple UI

The possible applications start with the search for ''maps'' and extend to the automatic entry into the ''map list''.

WinOLS package

Including 50 checksums


WinOLS package

Including 20 checksums


WinOLS package


Plus 1 license

WinOLS package


Without checksums