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Filedatabase.eu has its own research and development department for continuous product development. An advanced 4-wheel dynamometer with 4 eddy current brakes is used for development to achieve the best results and performance.

The programmers are certified and have been working in the automotive industry for years. Thanks to a good network of car dealers and investments in state-of-the-art equipment, Filedatabase.eu experts are always able to offer you the best custom chiptuning files.

Overview of our

Stage 1: Optimising the performance of a vehicle by modifying the engine management system with software. The software modification is based on engine parameters such as throttle injection, torque limiter, turbo boost pressure, fuel/air ratio and fuel pressure.

This is stage 1 + Decat / DPF off / DTC removal. If you want more power, we will add this in stage 2.

Stage 3 chip tuning consists of optimising the performance of your car through software adjustments to the engine management system. However, Stage 3 chip tuning requires adjustments to other engine components such as turbos, injectors, intercoolers, etc. We require full information about the upgrades.
Waiting time approx. 1 or 2 days

Removal of the maximum speed limiter.

Deactivation of the diesel particulate filter.

Deactivation of the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

Disable the catalytic converter and remove the associated DTCs (diagnostic trouble code).

Deactivate the DPF and EGR valves and remove the associated DTCs.

Disable the catalytic converter and remove the associated DTCs (diagnostic trouble code).

Removing DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)

Disable the SCR system and remove the associated DTCs.

Programming the Anti-Lag System (ALS).

Disabling the active cylinder system (ACT).

Chiptuning STAGE 1 for vehicles that run on E85 bioethanol. The so-called flexifuel cars.

Software change to ensure the vehicle starts better when the engine is cold.

Programming of the hard cut limiter for diesel vehicles.

Programming the start control.

Disconnection of the air mass sensor. Always indicate the error codes if they are present in the ECU.

Remove the O2 / NOx sensor functions. Always indicate the fault codes if they are present in the ECU.

Adjustment of the digital power meters (BMW / Mini / VAG), which display power and torque in real time.